soft grunge: maria gregersen by henrik bülow for eurowoman september 2014

model: maria gregersen (agenturcph)
photographer: henrik bülow
stylist: gertrud maria bønnelykke
hair: henrik haue (tomorrow)
make-up: anne staunsager (uniquecreatives)

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  1. Yet another boring editorial with little clothing and too much skin. She is not even attractive, which heightens the half-ass effort of this spread.

    1. Agreed about the little clothing, too much skin part. What is going on lately. Is everyone out of ideas?

  2. God forbid a little nudity, because that must mean they are out of ideas. Her face was made to look grungie, so of course it's not going to look as attractive as it might have, but there is nothing wrong with her body. I really don't see the problem with this editorial, or any others containing nudity. Sure, there are definitely better editorials, but nudity isn't why this one isn't great, and some of the best editorials ever had nudity in them.


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